About Indigo Creations

No matter the location of you or us, we're always available to help.

Indigo Creations is the brainchild of Kiki Spiwak.  She’s always wanted to write for a living. Her original, and current, dreams are penning dozens of novels in various genres – both fiction and non.  But when the job struggle came to her upon her move to Serbia, she knew this was the best time to get things off the ground. While the building and growing of Indigo Creations has been a slow process due to various reasons, all things change.  Change is the only constant we have in life, anyway. Right?

Since Kiki knew she couldn’t just drop her day job without a good Client built up, she brought along some friends, who happen to be passionate about writing, also, onto the project.  Thankfully, it didn’t take her much to convince them. With the extra fingers, and added brilliance, Indigo Creations can cover almost all topics and demands any company or individual could have.  By bringing them on, she knew that between the lot of them, any projects could be accomplished no matter everyone’s schedules. From there, the website, the ideas, the constant learning of getting into the business with feet solid on the ground has been the goal.

With the new year, Indigo Creations has taken the business one step further. Indigo Creations has an entire system for going green and giving back that’s in place. A huge percentage of profits will be given to a select few conservation projects to help. We aim for the little guys who don’t get funding from the big players. We’re working on becoming as green as possible for an online business scattered across the world.


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