Creative Writing

creative writingCreative writing – fiction or non-fiction – is how the writers of Indigo Creations started.  First love in life for them, and some would argue it’s still their first love.  The onslaught of words that can be used to create worlds to then allow readers to escape the mundane stresses of the real world is powerful.  Even in non-fiction writing, the readers are still taken on a journey through the life or event that is being shared.  Creative writing is arguably one of the most powerful writing forms in the literary world today.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing – most think about fairy tales and bedtime stories.    However, that isn’t the case.  Non-fiction can be creatively written without overstepping the boundaries and turning the truth of the matter into fiction.  Both need to be done with style and vision.  Without the dash of ‘creative’ in writing, the non-fiction becomes bland and lifeless and fiction is stale and almost non-existent.  Creative writing is the chili powder for the written word.

Why Someone Else For Creative Writing?

You might be asking “Why should I hire a creative writer?” This is a completely valid question!  Here are three good reasons to hire a professional:

Professionals know what they are doing.

We know what we are doing and how to do it in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  That is what makes us a professional.  Whether for a business need or individual need, when you’re in the market for good creative writing, it is best to hire someone who knows how and enjoys doing it.

You have bigger fish to fry.

When dealing with a company you’ve always got something else you could be doing.  Why stress over the written tasks?  Take that burden off your plate. Wash your hands of it.  If you’re looking for help with creative writing tasks, you want to turn over your idea or partially written work to someone who has time and respect for you, allowing you the ability to focus on everything else in your life.

You are still in control, even though we aren’t you or part of your company.

Some might try to tell you that if someone else is doing the writing then you aren’t in control of the matter.  False.  First, we write whatever you want based on what you tell us you need.  We do not write outside of those margins.  We learned to color inside the lines. Promise!  But we’re not you or part of your company?  We are unbiased.  We are here to write, and write only.  No worries for making anyone look bad and we only write what you want us to write – still in control 100% of every aspect and your reputation.

Our Creative Writing Services

Here at Indigo Creations, we focus on several aspects of creative writing.  For fictional creative writing, we create or help create novels, short stories, fairy tales, and plays of any genre.  We can write poetry, but we tend to stay away from it unless requested.  Poetry is believed to be from the soul. While we’re very confident in our combined skills, we haven’t mastered the art of reading soulful emotions.  We’re working on it though!  Give us time; we may have a breakthrough sooner than later.

With non-fiction creative writing, we focus on capturing the events of any person or time paired with factual data and research.  This can involve history, politics, ethics, and religion, to simpler tasks like cookbooks.  There is really no facet of non-fiction that doesn’t interest us here at Indigo Creations, allowing the proper person to purposefully write your non-fiction needs.

Have something written?  We can still help proof and edit any written material.  We can just make suggestions, too.  Just contact us about any creative writing needs you have!

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