Christina “Kiki” Spiwak

Zdravo! My name is Christina Spiwak. Most that know me call me Kiki nowadays. I have been writing for as long as I can remember – from pre-pubescent angst poetry and short stories to political and cultural blogging with a couple of novels started in between. I worked with several newspapers throughout my entire academic career – both writing and editing. Nowadays, I prefer blogging everything I experience in my new country, Serbia. Thankfully, the novels I’ve started have emerged again from the shadows of my hard-drive and I’ve dusted off the details in my mind. When I’m not writing something, I’m reading about writing or many other topics of obsession I have such as anything pertaining to Slavs and our history, my ancestral roots, and learning the Serbian language. Though when the free time rolls around I’m usually soaking up the bliss of my wonderful relationship with my amazing boyfriend. Thankfully, I’ve just completed my Bachelors in International Business so I have much more free time for the bliss-enjoying.

Indigo Creations was a huge dream of mine that I’m glad I get to share with some amazing women and dear friends of mine. I’ve been blessed with talented writer-friends to boot! Here at Indigo Creations my background in technical writing, creative writing, business academia, SEO copywriting, and the blogging world are laid out on the table for all potential clients to use to fulfill their needs.

Stephanie “Steph” Vecchione

¡Hola y mucho gusto! I’m Steph Vecchione. Writing is not just something that I do professionally, but it is also by passion. I received my Bachelors in Arts with a concentration in Creative Writing from the University of Memphis in 2004. From there, I wrote and edited for a new age magazine called “The Infinite Field.” The articles I contributed were about following your passion in life, yoga, and the goddess in every woman. Currently, I’ve launched my own side project called The Pixi Yogi where I focus on teaching and writing about living a yogic life. There you will find many posts on following your truth, as well as yogic and spiritual wisdom I have found and would like to share. I am also working on poetry, a historical fiction piece, and another blog specifically for women.

Here at Indigo Creations, I will be bringing my knowledge of creative writing to assist you in crafting your best work. If you need your work translated into Spanish, I can also do that. I attended a Two-Way Bilingual Program from Kindergarten onward where Spanish became my second language. Now I am a Spanish teacher at a private school to preschoolers through 8th graders.

When I’m not writing or teaching Spanish, you can find me practicing Kundalini Yoga, teaching yoga to young girls at the studio, teaching ballet after school, writing, reading, painting, playing with my hula hoop, going out with friends, or attempting to play my Lucero classical guitar. Now that I have graduated with my Masters in the Arts of Teaching, there is so much more free time and I look forward to working with you!

Shavonne “Shea” Pounders

Hello! My name is Shavonne Pounders, but many refer to me as Shea and unlike my co-workers I currently speak only English but I am working on fixing that little problem. I have been a writer all of my life, even winning a young author’s award in elementary school. I am currently double majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Legal Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield. I am also currently completing a certification program via online at the University of San Francisco to receive my Master’s Certificate for Internet Marketing. I have a passion for writing and creating with an imagination that tends to amaze me at times. I have written for my high school newspaper as well as my college’s newspaper and currently I am creating and writing blogs on various topics ranging from human trafficking to maintenance of natural African American’s hair. When I am not doing what I love – writing – I am spending time with my daughter or working on founding my non-profit organization which seeks to help women, children, and victims of human trafficking.

At Indigo Creations I have been blessed to continue to do what I love as well as work for a company that is more like a family. I offer my services in editing, creative writing, academia writing in various subjects, and internet marketing here at Indigo Creation.

Nina ElenaNina Elena Galindez

Hi there! My name is Nina Galíndez. Whether through painting, writing or design, I have found that periodic immersion into my creative hobbies has been the key to my success. When I was younger, I was under the illusion that life had to be played out like scenes of a very predictable movie. I was always being told what direction to go in with high expectations that I follow the given path without straying too far out of sight. During my college years, I tried to follow this path taking some medical courses in hopes to one day become a nurse. I worked at the local hospital for four years doing admissions for the emergency room until I finally realized that this was not my life.

The art of writing is a joy that I have only recently discovered. I began writing in my personal blog a little more than a year ago in order to find an outlet for my thoughts other than the tired ears of my friends and family.  In November of 2011 I moved to Argentina. I have currently been working at a web design and marketing company where I act as a technical specialist, content writer and proofreader.  Since being in Argentina, I have been working on a travel blog which, in time and collaboration with my personal blog, I plan to turn into a book. I am also currently in the development process of an interactive political website, connecting the world one issue at a time.

When I’m not writing or working on websites, I am normally seen covered head to toe in paint while working on one of my many art projects to be displayed in my upcoming show. I am also sure to take time to discover the new country I am living in, meeting new people, riding my bike through the city or sipping on a mate in the park with my friends.

Here at Indigo Creations, I am honored to be offering my services in technical and creative writing as well as editing (proofreading), SEO copywriting, and web design (HTML). I am delighted to be a part of the Indigo Creations family delivering practical and inventive services to you, our client!

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