Mint Package

Mint Level 4Everyone knows the glorious Mint plant. Known for freshening breaths in gum, mints, and toothpastes, it also aids in helping digestion after meals and helping calm nausea. Aside from being a medicinal herb, Mint was considered to be an herb symbolizing hospitality within Greek folklore.  It was also believed to help in attracting love and good.

Nothing could be more fitting of this package than Mint. The Mint Package offers 20 articles per month, averaging 5 a week. This will provide endless opportunities to welcome people to your website with boundless information.  Be hospitable. Be informative. Be an authority. You’ll attract all the good you could imagine for your business.

A quick breakdown of what the Mint Package offers – besides a sweet smell:

  • 20 articles per month – suggested 5 per week
  • Creative, Original, Professional, and Efficient Content
  • SEO Optimized
  • 100% unique

Ask questions if you have them. Purchase the Mint Package for $895/month. Click here to make the magic happen.  Know your efforts help conservation projects worldwide with every purchase you make.

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