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And nope.. not talking about sticking yourself with hot metal pokers.  I’m referring to branding as in marketing. Jeff Goins makes some valid points in Day 14’s challenge of branding yourself. To quote him specifically, as he so eloquently says it:

It’s a subtle form of arrogance to believe your work can stand on its own without any help. Sure, you might get lucky (which is rare). But if you’re like most writers who make it, you’ll have to hustle. And branding yourself is part of the process.

But let’s clarify what is a brand, especially when you think about writers.  A brand is simply the image you put forth with your work. A visual image of what someone has of you when they think of you.  So you have to consider how you want the world to perceive you. Think about that for a few… right now.

Here’s Jeff’s full challenge:

The challenge

Brand yourself. There are three elements of every brand. You need to pay attention to each one:

  • Pick a name. This is what you call yourself (e.g. Copyblogger or Anne Lamott). It may be your given name or a pseudonym; whatever it is, make sure you’re consistent. Your website, business cards, and social media all need to say the same thing.
  • Create an image. This can be a logo or headshot. It’s whatever you want to use to make people recognize you. If it’s a photo, people ought to be able to recognize you in real life from it. Also, make sure it’s on your blog, Twitter profile, etc. Don’t use different images; make them all the same. Michael Hyatt does a great job with this.
  • Find your voice. This is more than how you sound. It’s your style as a communicator. If you aren’t confident in your unique voice, go through these 10 steps to find it.

So I had to think about myself. Depending on my project I have a different brand.  For Indigo Creations, I’m the copywriter. I write for businesses that need help with the written word, in attracting new customers, and keeping their new ones.  That’s what I do.  My image is the beautiful logo designed by Lindsey Ruane. With the nib of a quill pen being the centered lotus petal because writing is the center of my existence. And my voice?  Well… it’s there.  You’ll have to decide how you’d categorize my voice.
So, do you have a brand? Working on a brand?  Need help?

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