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Onto Day 9 of the 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge.  So today is about building. We “started‘ yesterday. So we build today. Fairly easy enough.  The object is not to start another project, but to finish something we’ve already started (maybe started yesterday even). But not just one thing, lots of things. Launching a blog or a project isn’t the same as building one. We need to build. Launching is always the easy part. Building takes discipline and dedication. Here’s the full challenge with bonus task from Jeff Goins:

The challenge

I want you to finish something. Anything, really. Just pick a project — an essay, a blog post, maybe even a book — and finish it. Not tomorrow. Today.

Find something and move it across the finish line. Then do the same thing tomorrow. And the day after that. And so on.

If you’re still doing this in a month, you’re building something. Until then, you’re just managing tasks. Pick a few that are worth your time, and keep with them. Your work deserves this.

Bonus assignment

Next, I want you to build an essential tool every writer needs: a team.

Pick a handful of people (no more than 20, but no fewer than two) and ask them to come “onboard” for a project you’re working on. What do you do with this team once you’ve assembled it? Anything you want.

Use this group to launch a book or proofread a piece or test your website. Start a conversation on a blog or in a coffee shop and find ways for everyone to help each other. Whatever you do, be specific. You’ll get what you ask for.

So there it is. I’m always finishing blog posts. I have to so that I can publish them. However, I have finished things I started LONG ago.  Aspects of this website! The website has been a work-in-progress for some time. The site got put on hold when I started to work for my web designer. It postponed everything about Indigo Creations, actually. I’ve finished quite a few things since the weekend like the home page, the specific service pages, and some back-end tweaks I made.  Felt so good to do it, too.  So that part of the challenge? Check!

As for my team?  Easy enough!  My ladies of Indigo Creations are my team first and foremost. Plus a couple of others outside of the company. My sister who is an English teacher and my best friend. She gives me honest opinions and is also my personal Grammar Nazi.  I have a couple of others that are the best at giving me opinions, editing, and giving me advice. I would be lost without these people. I’ve always had them around thankfully. And plan to keep it that way.  So team building? Check! Today’s challenge I managed without too many complications.  Now.. to finish this post. 😉

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