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Get MotivatedNo matter what we are doing, sometimes we lose motivation in a project or goal. We can’t hide from this fact. However, there are ways to get motivated without feeling like the life is being sucked from us just to get the project done. That would be counter productive, now wouldn’t it?

So here are six ways I’ve found to be helpful to get motivated in times of need.

1. Get motivated – Have fun.

We always say that not everything in life can be fun and games.  But why not? If you can find a way to have fun with your project at hand, you will find that motivation you need. It’ll no longer seem like a chore, but a fun expression and extension of you and your business. So have fun with it. Get motivated by it. And enjoy the finished results.

2. Get motivated – Step away.

Something we get so caught up in our work, that we can’t see straight. I, sadly, do it all the time. I’ve learned that one way to get motivated again is to actually step away from it all. Sometimes I can step away from an hour and do something completely different. This is generally reading something that is not work related in any way. Then I come back to it. This allows my brain to focus on something completely different, detach, and come back with fresh eyes and clear brain.

3. Get motivated – Go with the flow.

Sometimes we just have those moments that just aren’t working for us. Maybe the words aren’t coming to us. Maybe we can’t find fresh ideas to approach potential clients. Just stop when you get like this.  This is more than just stepping away. This is putting aside for a bit of time, if possible. It doesn’t have to be weeks or anything. Just put it aside for the remainder of the day if necessary. Come back to it tomorrow. If I force my projects, they are typically crap. If I work when I get motivated by something, it’s the best one could imagine. So go with the flow and get motivated that way.

4. Get motivated – Use a different perspective.

This can be an obvious situation from a writer’s standpoint.  However, when attempting to write for your business, we sometimes write for how it benefits us in mind.  Our content might be geared toward the customer and how the service or product can help them, but our end goal is them to purchase. Stop this at times. Yes, we want them to purchase from us. However, when we lose site of what it’s like to be the customer, we lose touch with how to communicate with our customers.  Try to see from their perspective to get motivated.

5. Get motivated – Work under pressure.

This might seem counterproductive, and might not work for everyone. But sometimes, for some projects, if I set a dateline that’s a little tighter than it needs to be, I find a will to get motivated to write what I need to write or do what I need to do. This isn’t the best solution for every situation, but it definitely helps me in most cases.  I’ve found its my human nature to procrastinate. So I find my procrastination with false deadlines. Trick yourself and get motivated.

6. Get motivated – Explore options.

Sometimes, we get so used to doing things a specific way, we grow bored of it without realizing.  This can cause us to lose interest in our work. That’s the last thing we want to do.  So get motivated by looking for a different way to accomplish a task. It could be anything from working outside on a beautiful day instead of in the office, finding a different method to get your research done, or even having someone else edit your work. Whatever is different for you, do it. Get motivated. Enjoy success.

There are millions of way to get out of that rut and get motivated.  It’s all about finding what works for you.  These have been some of the tried and tested methods that have worked personally.

What works for you when you need to get motivated?  Tell us in the comments.

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