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IC ChangesWhether you are a loyal and long-time follower or a new admirer of Indigo Creations, then you may have noticed a lot of commotion as well as new material and lots of changes. You see, although we – the Ladies of Indigo – have finally gotten the company up and going we felt as though Indigo was missing something…something vital, important, and necessary and that this ‘something’ missing was causing Indigo Creations to not flow and feel as it should to the Ladies. So we sat down and all evaluated the company, our feelings, and the work that had been accomplished thus far.

The Ladies came to the conclusion that although we loved what we were doing, what we were planning, and what was happening somehow the company was still missing PASSION and another important aspect (we will get to this other missing element further down). Nina, one of Indigo Creations’s designers, had mentioned months earlier that I should consider reading, “Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie.  So with this break and soul-searching I decided to give this book a try and let me tell you that for those of you who haven’t read it you definitely need to and those who have, well it never hurts to refresh. After reading this book and hashing things out with the Ladies we realized that what Indigo Creations was missing besides passion, was our unique and great love of giving. Each one of us Ladies here at Indigo Creations loves to give back. In one way or another each of us are involved in some form of giving back and we do a great job (in my personal opinion) in our personal lives of giving back, but here at Indigo Creations we had forgotten or rather neglected to incorporate this into our company and our company’s mission.

After much discussion and research the Ladies and I have come up with some great new ways to turn Indigo Creations from just a for-profit business to a for-profit business with a heart and soul that gives back. Once these changes were implemented I noticed immediately a drastic change in Indigo Creations and the overall feeling of the company as well as in my Ladies. Now it seems as though everything is falling in place and for me whenever I feel this way it makes me feel as though I have made the right decision.

So with that said that is exactly what Indigo Creations has been doing the last few months left of 2012, putting everything in its rightful, new order so that we can present you all with a complete company. With these changes you all can expect to see:

  • More info about our giving back projects
  • Going Green
  • Giveaways
  • eBooks

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