ProvokeOh, when I started reading Day 12 I just had to laugh. Now, I don’t talk about my personal life too much on Indigo Creations because I do try to keep them somewhat separate. However, on Day 12 I have to mention something and show the other side of me.  So the day is about provoking, taking risks, making people think because that’s what art is about. And I couldn’t agree more.  This challenge is something I have down pretty well and do regularly.

See.. my dirty little secret is I’m quite into politics (provoking in general) but my focus is Serbian and Slavic politics. My ethnicity is a *huge* part of my daily world.  So over on my personal blog, Trek for Truth, I provoke pretty much a post goes out. This blog focuses on lies in the media, lies throughout history, and everything pertaining to my experiences in Serbia, and related Slavic countries. I’m actually in the works of building another site that will focus on everything Slavic with some dear friends of mine who are like brothers.  When it’s up and going, there will be more provoking definitely.

The challenge verbatim:

The challenge

You already know what you need to do. Take a risk. Write something provocative and stand by it. Yes, you may make a few people mad, but you’ll also liberate those locked in self-doubt and fear.

Write something bold, something that moves us. Then share it.

So, Jeff…  Challenge accepted and accomplished on a regular basis.

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  1. SheaSheaSharee

    Being a personal friend I can say that this post should not have been hard for you at all! 😉

    • Kiki

      Hehehe… it wasn’t. At all. 😉

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