Sharing Isn’t Just For Kindergarteners


So we’ve made it to Day 10. Yay us!!  I appreciate everyone hanging around and reading these posts. This challenge has helped me in more ways than just my writing, but in my life in general.  It has made me think about things in a different way, allowing me to see where I need to change certain aspects to get the results in life I want. I’ll forever be in debt to Jeff Goins for this. I know I could have figured it out on my own, but it would have probably taken me MUCH longer to get there. I don’t mind the fast lane on some things.

So Day 10 is Sharing. Before I even began to read the post, I thought, “how does sharing even help writers be great?” And I also asked myself, “In what way does he mean sharing?”  So I definitely was intrigued as to how Sharing could possibly be Day 10.  Then he surprised me like he’s good at doing.

This is what Mr. Goins had to say about Sharing, along with our challenge:

All great leaders understand this — that as you help lift up others who show promise, we all benefit from their success.

The challenge

Find someone whose message we need to hear and share it on your blog or via Twitter or Facebook. Wherever people are listening to you (even just a few), use that opportunity to talk about someone else.

So… I have a couple of people to share!

The Pixi Yogi – A dear friend and amazing woman, she teaches Spanish to K-8 as well as Kundalini Yoga to everyone.  She writes on the side, also.  She’s completely the 15 Habits Challenge just on her Pixi Yogi site.

Mariposarte – Another dear friend, artist, and writer of mine living in Argentina.  She’s uber talented.  She’s completing the 15 Habits challenge but at her own pace.  She’s a bit occupied with an art show she’s got on July 7th in Buenos Aires. I’m so excited for her! I wish I could be there for her debut in Argentina.

Show some love to these amazing and talented women!  They definitely deserve more than almost anyone I know right now.

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