Spring Cleaning in Summer


Alright, so it’s not a complete spring cleaning, but we are talking decluttering at a minimum. In Day 11 of  the 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge, we are to declutter. Now, with decluttering, we are supposed to declutter in two different ways:

The challenge

So let’s declutter today, shall we? In every sense of the word. I want you to do two things:

  1. Clean up your space. Spend some time (at least five minutes, but no more than 30) doing the following: clear off the desk, sharpen your pencils, put your files in order, take out the trash, wash the dishes, whatever. Do what you need to do to feel better about the place where you do your work.
  2. Cut your writing down to its purest essence. Turn a 500-word article into 250 words. If you’re brave, convert 1000 words into 300. Take away everything but exactly what you want to say. Eliminate weak, lazy words like “that” and “things” and anything you don’t absolutely need. Then say what you have to say and be done with it.

Luckily, I did Task #1 yesterday!  We cleaned the whole house actually. And my desk definitely needed it.  It felt good to do it, too.  Back to a clear and clean working space. Dust free, too!

Now, for Task #2, I’m a bit stagnate on this one. I do this okay with work projects but not for my own projects. Not sure why I can’t get it going for myself, but I’ll aim to do this regularly and thoroughly for my own projects.  Oh this will definitely be harder. Hah!  But what’s a challenge like this without a bit of work, you know?

My fear of decluttering my own work I guess stems from worrying about my own work being too dry, dull, and lackluster. That’s not who I am and I don’t want my work to portray that…  Oh.. how I hate thee, decluttering.

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