The Need to Initiate


So with the way my schedule generally goes lately, I’m about a day behind almost… or maybe I’m not with the 15 Habits of Great Writers by Jeff Goins. I’m too tired right now to think whether I’m late, on time, or lost in the whirl of it all. Well.. either way, as long as I’m doing it that’s what counts. Consistency is the glue that holds us together.  Anywho… Day 3 is “Initiate.” Jeff’s whole post was full of great bits of insight, wisdom, and nuggets of goodness that I have to share:

Every day, you have a decision: to start or stop the things worth doing. To continue building habits that make you more of your truest self, or to break the ones you’ve been doing for a while.

Ever since middle school, we’ve been waiting to be picked. Hoping the cool kids would notice us. Or if we were the cool kids, we were hoping we would stay that way.

I don’t care who you are — you’ve got confidence issues. Especially if you’re a writer. There’s something you’re struggling with, some level to which you haven’t attained, some expertise you’ve yet to master. And be honest: you’re a little insecure about it.

Choose yourself. Stop jumping up and pleading, “Pick me, pick me, pick me!” and look yourself in the mirror and say: “You. I pick you.”

Then, I want you to start something you’re scared of. Maybe it’s a book, an article for a magazine, or something else. All I want you to do is begin. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about where to go from here.

Find a time when distractions are minimal, and write. Give yourself grace, but also hold yourself accountable. Remember: Every day is another chance to start again.

So… yeah. If you read my Believe post from Day 2, you’ll know Day 3 hit the nail with many of the I discussed.  With today’s challenge, I’m not sure what I’m “scared of” but I know there’s something. I guess it would be finishing my novel(s).  I’m one of those girls that doesn’t do the thought of failure well. And I’m not so much afraid of my work as I am of failure. A few have seen the very raw copy of the first 10,000 words of my main novel in progress.  And everyone tells me they hate me for not having more to read.  That’s what you want your readers to say, right?  I always thought it was.  Still do.  This is the reaction I’ve hoped for and yet still scared shitless to finish it. I guess that’s my “scared of” I have to face.  Thanks, Jeff… let’s just go thru this challenge and dig at my soul strings, why don’t we?  I know I’ll thank him for it in the end, but for now – not so much.

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