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StartLike that improper spelling? I don’t twinge too bad at it. Hehe.  Day 7 is upon us and the Habit is simple “Start.” But just not start… start ugly. I had a slight internal battle with this day’s challenge.  In the beginning, Jeff provides this perfect quote:

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” So every time you endeavor to create, you will have a choice: You can first make it ugly, or not make it at all. There is nothing else.

I was getting along with this at first.  This was perfect – just start something!  Doesn’t matter what, but starting is always better than nothing.  But then he continues on to talk about this conversation he had with a friend.  Jeff gave the friend the advice that when you have multiple stories and books inside you, start with the ugliest first. Now this just made me stop. I froze. I’ve got a great novel concept I’m working on involving mythology, modern-day, and some adult content. I love this piece, but it’s my first, too. I don’t want this one to be my ugly piece.  I damn near had a panic attack. But I trudged on through the rest of his post, praying for a light at the end of the tunnel. Then I found it:

The challenge

Make something ugly. And leave it ugly (temporarily). Be okay with it. Embrace the splotches and streaks for what they are: evidence that you’ve started.

I was relieved to read the challenge.  Actually, just that one word – temporarily. See, I know that when I write, it’s not perfect. It’s quite raw actually. I just want to get it all done on “paper” so it’s out there. But this ‘temporarily’ saved my sanity in knowing I just needed to start again. It would be “ugly” in the raw form… but that’s only a temporary phase until it’s buffed and polished into the beautiful masterpiece it is meant to be.

So panic attack aside, I’m at peace with this challenge.  It’s just to start-up the thought train again and get the novel goings. Better to start than to never do anything.

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