Writing Prompt #1


writing promptOne of the goals of Indigo Creations is to help better your writing style and skill, no matter the reason of your writing needs and desires. Aside from our tips we provide, we will now offer writing prompts to boost some creativity and help unblock any writing obstacles you might encounter. Don’t be scared of them. Just learn to overcome them. We’re here to help!

The writing prompts here at Indigo Creations are taken from our own experience or from others who’ve offered them to us. Credit will be given when due when possible. We are also working on a few short but very visually stimulating ebooks that will be chock full of prompts to those on the mailing list.  So click to the right, or click here, and drop your information in so you’ll be ready for them when you come out!

So, I would suggest grabbing a notebook or opening up a fresh Word document and keeping tracking of these prompts so you have them whenever you get stuck or need a change of pace to recharge those creative juices.

Alright. I’ll stop blabbing and give you the first of endless prompts:

I wish I had one more chance to. . .  Then I would. . .

So, write it down. Keep it with you. Use it now.  Please share in the comments what you wrote! We’d love to hear about it!

See you at the next prompt!

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