Mutts Love caters to helping the dogs of the Memphis and Midsouth Area

Mutts Love Rescue in Memphis

Mutt’s Love Rescue is owned and operated by a high school friend of Indigo Creations. Mutt’s Love is a non-profit organization out to help rescue and find homes for many of the abused, abandoned, and neglected animals in the Memphis area.  Mutt’s Love was not a usual client for us here at Indigo Creations.  We not only (still) write 98% of their blog posts when needed, we also established and maintain the site.  The logo was designed by one of the owners while the banner on the website and the Mutts Love Facebook Fanpage were created by a friend in Belgrade, Serbia. Indigo Creations does what it can to help Mutts Love promote the need for help and will continue until asked to stop.

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