SEO Copywriting Rates

Indigo Creations’ SEO services are created with the small business or entrepreneur in mind.  These packages are designed to provide various levels of exposure and authority for the Client. These SEO services are not geared for the per-article avenue like all of the other writing services provided by Indigo Creations.  If you need only a few articles and nothing on a monthly basis, please contact us for a proper quote for the articles you do need.

If you are purchasing SEO services outside of Indigo Creations web packages, follow these packages below:

Sage Level 1 Chamomile Level 2 Wolfsbane Level 3 Mint Level 4 Rosemary Level 5

The Sage Package is perfect for getting your feet wet within your industry and making your mark. With 3 articles per month fully SEO optimized you’ll begin to make a stance in your industry. This package is $195/month.
The Chamomile Package is there to soothe your nerves and build your authority and audience. You’ll really begin to pop in the search engine ranks with 8 articles per month. This package is $295/month.
The Wolfsbane Package will be deadly to your competition! Have 12 articles per month to stand out among the competition and take hold of your audience. The Wolfsbane Package is $495/month.
The Mint Package is perfect for curing your information woes. With 20 articles per month, you will be able to deliver complete and thorough ideas to your audience with ease and confidence. This package is $895/month.
The Rosemary Package is your cure-all for your SEO needs. With 32 articles per month, you’ll always have new content flowing to help keep you high in the ranks and your audience educated. This package is $1295/month.

Writing Rates By Project

  • Advertising/Copywriting Sales Letter: $150 to $1000
  • Articles (news, or with significant research, web-based): $15-50 per page
  • Articles (magazines): $150 to $1500+
  • Articles (content/keyword): $15 to $50
  • Articles (newspapers): $75 to $600
  • Books (ghostwriting): $25-$80 per page
  • Book Reviews: $2 to $100
  • Book Summaries: $250 to $500 per book
  • Brochures (no graphics work): $300-$600
  • Business Plans: $500 to $5000+
  • Editorial Management (magazine/per issue): $500 to $2000
  • Newsletters: $200 to $1000
  • Press releases: $200 to $500
  • E-books: $10-$35 per page

Writing Rates By Hour

  • Copyediting: $30-$70/hr
  • Ghostwriting: $40-$100/hr
  • Proofreading: $25-$60/hr
  • Tech Editing: $30-$90/hr
  • Technical Writing: $40-$100/hr
  • Web Content :$10-$90/hr

Miscellaneous Charges for Writing Services

  • Upcharge for rush: +10% – 25%
  • Upcharge for keyword stuffing: +10%
  • Down payment: 10% for companies, publishers; 25% for individuals/authors

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