Professional Copywriting

Professional CopywritingProfessional Copywriting can be a confusing term to some. However, we hope to clarify any confusion by the end of this article. Copywriting is an umbrella term for various forms of writing, including professional copywriting. A few different aspects can fall into professional copywriting and will be explained in detail. Understanding the full-scale of professional copywriting can help you better realize what you need and what all can be done for you here at Indigo Creations. In the end, most companies need a mixture of various writing outlets to fully compensate the needs of the firm’s projected goals.

What is Professional Copywriting?

Business plans, promotional material, technical writing, and similar are needed to make your company’s world go round. Business plans are just that – plans for your business’ future. You’ve got the business plan taken care? Good! Need material to help get your business known? Strong and attention-grabbing promotional material is always needed. Flyers, pamphlets, brochures and booklets – these are the foundations for good, solid promotional material. These forms of advertising and promotion are the signs that point to you and say, “Hey! We’re here and we have what you want or need!” Professional copywriting is the key to success.

Why Professional Copywriting, You Ask?

As with any aspect of your company or organization, you want someone who specializes in that field of interest to handle the matter at hand so it is done properly and efficiently. That is why hiring some for professional copywriting can be the best option. Here are a couple other reasons hiring outside of your company can be (and will be) a greater benefit:

  • Unbiased viewpoint.

Hiring an outsider, like Indigo Creations, is the best way to have a fair and unbiased approach. We will always give you our honest and professional opinion on the matter, ensuring that you are getting the finished product you are paying for. An unbiased viewpoint allows us to give a clear and thought-out perspective of the job without worrying about how it affects our day job. We are focused solely on the job hired to perform only.

  • Not on the payroll.

Yes, we are paid freelancers, but we aren’t on your payroll. This means you don’t have to worry about insurance, taxes, sick time, paid holidays, and the rest of the benefits package that is required to be offered to paid employees. We’re contracted workers. In some cases, this can even be a tax-deductible situation for you as advertising and marketing can sometimes fall into a deductible category. Saving money and time is always the best combination.

  • Hired job only.

Hiring Indigo Creations ensures that time has been delegated to your project and nothing else. We have one task – yours. We do what you need and your other employees are not disturbed from their mandatory tasks of the day, nor stressed in trying to set aside time to accomplish such as promotional flyers.

Our Professional Copywriting Services

When hiring Indigo Creations for Professional Copywriting services, you are hiring a team to help provide your organization or team with the most efficient and effective writing possible. These professional copywriting services include flyers, brochures, pamphlets, business plans from scratch or reworked, and everything else. Black and white to color, it can be done. Tri-folded to booklets, it can be done. If you have something envisioned we will do our best to make it a reality. Contact us for professional copywriting and quotes.


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