Sage Package

Sage Level 1The Sage plant is rumored to be a herb that promotes wisdom; attracts what is needed, well-being and prosperity; and to give long life.

The Sage Package will be that package that promotes your company’s wisdom, attracting what is needed and the prosperity your company deserves. It will help you grow the life of your company and into a beautiful creation.

This is the base package offered by Indigo Creations. It consists of 4 month articles to help you provide regular, SEO optimized, information concerning your company and industry. This is a perfect package to break into your field while steadily building your company.


Here’s a quick glimpse of the Sage Package:

  • 4 articles per month – suggested 1 per week
  • Creative, Original, Professional, and Efficient Content
  • SEO Optimized
  • 100% unique

If you have questions about or are interested in purchasing the Sage Package for $195/month, please contact us here. We’ll gladly help however we can. Remember that your purchase helps support selected conservation projects worldwide. Make a difference while growing your business.

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