What others think about Indigo Creations and their experience with working with us.

Catie and Curtis Sellers of Mutts Love Rescue of Memphis say:

Indigo Creations has done an amazing job for me and my rescue group! They have given one on one, attentive care to my rescue’s needs. They have been there for anything we needed! Christina answered every question and made sure that I was happy with everything that she created before moving on to the next task. Everything was done so quickly too! Indigo Creations has gone above and beyond everything that has been asked of them! They have even helped us collect donations and post urgent pleas for our dogs!  We LOVE the website that Christina built and she even helped us with our Facebook page! We would recommend them to EVERYONE and will definitely be using them exclusively in the future!

 Shavonne Pounders says (prior to working for Indigo Creations):

Indigo Creations has been our editor as well as our copywriter of choice since the very beginning! The company is prompt, attentive, and very professional while being creative, artistic, and unique all at the same time. The writers of this company have the uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what you desire and putting those thoughts onto paper. To add to the amazing abilities of Indigo Creations they also have some of the most affordable prices available in the business currently. If you have a job you want done and you want it done exceptional for the best price possible Indigo Creations is the company for you.

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