To Preserve and Protect

LeshachikhaIndigo Creations has a big heart.

There’s no two ways about it – we are passionate about what we do, we just enjoy doing it well, we love to help others in need, and we are sometimes a little obsessive when it comes to caring for our environment.

Right now Indigo Creations is all about ‘going green’. We are truly dedicated to finding solutions for the sustainability of the planet we all share, and as a result have decided to donate a solid chunk of our profits to some choice conservation projects. To help get our message across and also to keep it fun, we’ve adopted a new mascot, “Lesha”.

The name is actually short for Leshachikha. Lesha will appear on all of our badges that we give to our wonderful Clients, and of course, behind all interesting characters is a good story. So, pull up a chair and listen in…..

Just recently, Kiki, the founder of Indigo Creations, was having a chat with her Client, good friend and the owner of Accio Lacquer, Mishka. Being a bit of a family history nut, Kiki spends a lot of her spare time researching her family genealogy. She’d been digging for some information on her great-grandmother from Western Ukraine – the family name being associated with the root word for a hazel tree in the Russian/Ukrainian language. While searching for the name, Kiki stumbled across a magical mythological creature known as Leshy along with Leshachikha his wife. It was during the retelling of the story to Mishka that the relevance of how beautifully it all fit in with Indigo Creations, that the penny dropped with a thud.

Both Leshy, and Leshachikha, are woodland spirits. They guard the forests and all the animals that call it their home. Leshy is also known to be mischievous, hiding woodcutter’s tools, losing people in the forest, and even tickling them to death when the mood takes him. He is also said to have the ability to ‘shapeshift’ – taking the form of any animal or plant – but when he takes on a human form he is instantly recognizable, appearing as a peasant, but with glowing eyes and his shoes on backwards.

With all this in mind, Indigo Creations have made the decision to position the group as guardians of the Earth – just as Leshy, and Leshachikha guard the forests. We aspire to do whatever possible to help preserve and protect our planet. Kiki being so in touch with her Slavic roots has reached out and called upon Leshachikha to help Indigo Creations spread the word about the company’s vision of preservation, protection and conservation.

Most of the information you find will be on Leshy the male of the pair. We love Leshy’s style, his mischievousness and his impishness… but we are a group of passionate women on a mission, so who better to represent us than Leshachikha?

So, join Leshachikha… and Indigo Creations in protecting our animals and natural environment!

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